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Would WSOP Still Be Popular If You Couldn’t See Players’ Hole Cards?

Would WSOP Still Be Popular If You Couldn’t See Players’ Hole Cards?

Poker Poker owes a great deal of its popularity to TV exposure.

Although the game has been on our screens for a long time, it wasn’t until 1999 – the year the hole card cam was invented – that things started to really take off.

Of course, no single entity has reaped more benefits from the introduction of the hole card cam than the World Series of Poker , whose ratings skyrocketed in the years that followed.

So, the question is: Why is it so important for people to see hole cards? And, more importantly, would they still be interested in WSOP if they couldn’t? The Allure Of Seeing Players’ Hole Cards

Why was it that poker grew in popularity so much once the hole card camera was introduced to the televised WSOP competition?

It was still the same game, the same players, and the same action.

The only difference was that viewers no longer had to wait for the showdown to see players’ hands. In the hands that didn’t go to a showdown, they had the advantage of knowing what players had.

On the surface, it doesn’t look all that important.

But, knowing players’ holdings offers a much better experience as it allows viewers to get involved in the action.With the full information at their disposal, they know if a player is bluffing or has a monster, which makes it much more exciting.It provides them the opportunity to root for the result they want to see. If their favorite player is facing a huge bluff, they can shout at the TV for them to make the call.If the same player is holding the nuts and has moved all-in, the audience at home can root for their opponent to call and stack off.Thanks to the hole-card camera, people at home get to “play” perfect poker.Having all the information readily available, they know exactly what to do, and they get mad about players doing the wrong thing.And if you have no idea what they’re staring at, it’s really hard to give advice on what they’re supposed to do.That’s why the hole card cam was a game-changer.You […]

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