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What films have poker pros starred in?

What films have poker pros starred in?

What do the game of poker and movies have in common? Actually, more than meets the eye.

Poker players sometimes display a range of emotions at the table that would make novice actors jealous. It’s no wonder that poker stars are sometimes invited to the set.

Of course, though, it’s not even about emotion. Producers bring in well-known poker pros to expand the audience with an army of fans of the game. And many poker stars have already tried their hand at acting. Dan Bilzerian

The poker community is still undecided as to whether Dan Bilzerian should be considered a professional player. The self-proclaimed king of Instagram has repeatedly stated that he made his millions playing poker, but has provided no proof.

The Hendon Mob has only one notable entry in its database — 180th place in the WSOP Main Event in 2009 ($36,600). Choose one of the best Irish offline casinos , and you can earn money too, playing poker, slots or anything you like.

Although he’s had little success in poker tournaments, he does have a big filmography. A pumped-up Dan is a good fit for the character of a tough mercenary, which is why he is sometimes invited for cameo roles.

In 2013, he performed stunts for the film Olympus Has Fallen. The atmosphere on the set must have been to Dan’s liking, because after that he invested a million dollars in the film Lone Survivor in exchange for the role.

The deal eventually ended up in court. Bilzerian was expecting at least 8 minutes of screen time and 80 words of dialogue, but in fact got a minor role of less than a minute.

There were further small roles in The Other Woman and The Righteous. In 2015, Bilzerian played alongside Bruce Willis himself in The Salvation. He also has a cameo in the comedy War Dogs. Daniel Negreanu Of all the real-life poker pros, Daniel Negreanu has appeared on the movie screen the most. In almost all the movies he plays either himself or just a seasoned poker player.His first role came in the TV series Tilt, which was released […]

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