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Daniel Negreanu – ‘Kid Poker’: The Original Poker Star

Daniel Negreanu – ‘Kid Poker’: The Original Poker Star

Source – The question of who is the world’s best poker player will never accurately be answered. It depends on the era; if you’re talking about live or online; tournament or cash; hold’em or other variants.

But in the modern game, there has only ever been one answer to the question of who is the most popular poker player. No one gets anywhere close to Daniel Negreanu, the endlessly friendly Canadian, who has done more for raising the mainstream profile of poker than anybody else.

Which table draws the most attention at any poker tournament? Negreanu’s table. Who is the go-to personality for reporters and photographers looking for a story? Negreanu again. Who gets stopped for selfies by most fans during tournament breaks (and obliges every time)? Daniel Negreanu.

It’s no surprise that Negreanu is also the No 1 pick for sponsors looking for a face to publicize their online cardrooms . He realised quicker than anyone else that being a success in modern poker is about more than what you can do at the tables.

That’s not to say Negreanu can’t play poker. Far from it. Negreanu has enjoyed significant wins at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), has won World Poker Tour (WPT) titles and amassed tournament earnings of more than $42 million. Negreanu continues to play prolifically, across all stakes, variants and tours. He has spent many months of his career at the top of the all-time tournament money list – and the totals don’t even count money earned from cash games, where Negreanu cut his teeth, nor endorsements, where he is in a league of his own. King of the Backroom Poker Games

It all seems a long way from his humble beginnings in Toronto, Canada, where he was born in July 1974 to working-class immigrants from communist Romania. Although Negreanu was given far more opportunities than many children of the era in the country his parents fled, the young Daniel was hardly a stellar student. By his own admission he spent more time honing social skills than he did on his studies, and dropped out of high […]

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