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The Evolution of IGaming with PlayStation Gamers

The Evolution of IGaming with PlayStation Gamers

Both consoles and iGaming have been around for as long as we remember. With consoles focusing more on gaming for entertainment and iGaming providing players with an opportunity to win some money, they both have their differences.

However, you can now use the two together in today’s modern age. As technology evolves, so are the PlayStation and the different games offered through all iGaming platforms. You can now gamble on PlayStations and play popular console games on casinos.

But how did this all start? And where will it be taking us in the future? Let’s look at the complete evolution of iGaming and how PlayStation gamers fit into the timeline.

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The emergence of iGaming

When the internet was first introduced to the world, there was no online betting or gambling. The platform simply didn’t have the technology or protocols yet. However, in 1994, things started to change, and people could now make payments online— Microgaming began to develop the right software to launch online gambling, which is where iGaming emerged.

The first-ever online casino, where you could bet real money, was launched in 1996 by InterCasino. From there, the industry became more popular with more casinos popping up and companies improving their offerings from graphics to newer games.

By the end of 1997, over 200 online casinos were available on the internet, bringing in annual revenue of around $1 billion.

Moving to mobiles When IGaming first became popular, it was only available to play on desktops. Therefore, you had to have a computer to place your bets or play fun and exciting slots. However, in the late 2000s and early 2010s, that’s when everything started to change.Smartphones became the latest trend in modern technology, offering a way for you to message and call your friends while also browsing the internet. In addition, you could easily open iGaming sites from the mobile’s browser, but this came with some downfalls in terms of accessibility.Now, you can download […]

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