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The beginner’s guide to online poker

The beginner’s guide to online poker

Poker is one of the easiest games to pick up because the way to win isn’t necessarily in the cards – it’s much more in the strategy.

With online poker, you can learn to play in your own space, and get to grips with the rules and how it works without worrying about giving away your poker face. Here’s the ultimate guide you need on how to get started! Game format

The next thing you’ll want to do before anything else is familiarise yourself with the game format and how to play. There are different types of poker, so make sure you’re aware which one you choose.

For beginners, we’d recommend Texas Hold’em as it’s the most common format and easy to understand. If you’re looking to switch things up later, however, there are some more variants of poker to try.

For Texas Hold’em, you’ll be dealt two cards. You’ll then be asked to bet before three cards (known as the ‘flop’) will be placed in the middle for everyone to see. Your goal is to find patterns in your cards and the flop in order to have the best hand – you can read more about these patterns later.

After these three cards are placed in the middle, another round of betting takes place. Another ‘turn’ card is then added to the flop, before another round of bets and then finally a ‘river’ card. By the river card, you should be able to see if you have a good five card hand, or a bad five card hand. Be smart with money

Once you have an idea of the format, it’s time to start playing, but even from the get-go, you should choose carefully where you play. Plenty of sites offer deals and bets, so whether that’s a pokerstars deposit bonus or a free play, it’s worth shopping around to find the best bet for your money.

Once you’re in play, it’s worth thinking about how you’re going to bet. There’s strategy to betting, and for online poker, it’s best to start aggressively. You won’t get far betting little, […]

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