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Should You Bet in the Dark When Playing Poker?

Should You Bet in the Dark When Playing Poker?

If you play poker frequently or watch the various poker programs and videos, you may hear someone talk about in the dark poker. Naturally, you will wonder exactly what that is.

Like other tactics used in poker, betting in the dark has a specific purpose: To give yourself an advantage and to disadvantage a foe. How successful the bet is in the dark depends on many variables, not the least of which is what sort of in the dark play you’ve made, whether you chose the appropriate time to use it, and if you’ve made it correctly.

By the way, if you encounter any poker terms here or elsewhere that are unfamiliar to you, be sure to check out our complete guide to poker . A Brief Explanation of Betting in the Dark Poker

The “in the dark” tactic is basically betting j-u-s-t ahead of when it is actually your turn to act.

To clarify, let’s take “bet in the dark” semi-literally and agree that it means to declare the amount you are betting before the next round of wagering.

For example, once the hole cards have been dealt in Texas Hold’em, there is a round of pre-flop wagering. Once that has occurred—but before the flop is dealt—a player might declare that they will bet a certain amount, regardless of what the flop is.

It’s important to note that whoever wants to use the “bet in the dark” tactic must be either the first player acting in a particular wagering round or a person following an in the dark bet with their own dark bet.

Incidentally, don’t confuse bet in the dark poker with the blinds or playing from the blinds. Blinds are required bets (typically a small blind and a big blind) each player must make once during one complete cycle of play (each player is the dealer, the small blind, and the big blind once as the deal rotates clockwise around the table).

Also, don’t confuse bet in the dark poker with playing without looking at your cards at all. WSOP bracelet holder Annette Obrestad allegedly did this in 2007 at a 180-seat sit […]

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