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Ranking the Top 5 Greatest Bluffs in Poker History

Ranking the Top 5 Greatest Bluffs in Poker History

Would you care to join me as I revisit some of the best poker bluffs ever? I was playing a few hands online last night and pulled off a convincing one of my own. Rest assured, I won’t be giving in to temptation and writing about that today. As much as I would love to regale you with how I let a player with a superior hand walk into the trap I set for them; I doubt you want to hear about it.

Instead, I’ll be looking over the biggest poker bluffs in history. The ones revered by players and fans alike are probably the source of numerous nightmares for the players who bought them.

Naturally, you can learn a lot about the art of bluffing here. Perhaps you can try some of the techniques this piece shows at the best online casinos . While these bluffs were sold and bought on the physical tables, that doesn’t mean you can’t bluff online!

Anyway, let’s start this list of the greatest poker bluffs in the history of the game with the one that mattered most. We’ll be working from the best down, but I wouldn’t invest too much in the order of things. They’re all spectacular! 1. Chris Moneymaker’s Bluff of the Century

It’s been almost two decades since Chris Moneymaker pulled off one of the best poker bluffs ever.

When you put it like that, I guess there’s no option but to feel old. It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago that fans were tuning in to watch a guy seemingly emerging from the ether putting it up to a seasoned veteran in Sammy Farha. But he did. And he came away smelling of roses.

And over $2.5 million. But it’s not all about the money, is it? It’s not as though this guy could help because he was born Christopher Moneymaker. After all, his ancestors — who adopted the surname as an English modification of the German name Nurmacher — made gold and silver coins. Hence the name. And why he was born to make money.

Of course, if you believe that I have […]

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