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Ranking the Top 4 Poker Hoodie Styles for Players

Ranking the Top 4 Poker Hoodie Styles for Players

Controversial opinion incoming — poker hoodies are an excellent asset for any player. Obviously, I am not alone in thinking that. However, I would wager to guess that there are more that would disagree with me. We’re all entitled to our opinions, of course. The same applies to what we decide to wear to the table. Well, within reason.

Looking good can make you feel good. Feeling good can help you play better. Beyond these points, there are other practical cosmetic reasons why you should hood up before hitting the tables. Not with any old hoodie, of course.

What you wear is not usually something you must concern yourself with while playing on the best online casinos . But in person? What you wear can influence how others see you. And no game on earth requires the type of psychological nous that poker demands from its players.

I’ll rank the four top poker hoodie types you should consider for playing in person. First, let’s look at the best styles to wear when hitting the online poker rooms. Top Poker Hoodies for Playing Online

If you’re looking for the best hoodies for poker players but only intend to play online, I’ve got some excellent news.

You have multiple options. You can wear a big, fluffy onesie with a pink wolf on the front, and no one will bat an eyelid. Well, none of your opponents, of course. After all, it’s not like they can see you, is it?

The two main reasons why poker players wear hoodies these days can be broken down into two categories — practical and vanity. Where practicality is involved, we wear hoodies at the tables to limit the number of tells an opponent can potentially pick up on. But the main reason? To keep us warm!

Casinos can be cold. You don’t want to end up like Frankie Carbone in the back of the meat truck in Goodfellas .

If you think freezing to death will almost certainly prevent any keen observer from reading your next move, you’re pretty right and kinda wrong. But what good are those chips to you if […]

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