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PokerHigh to soon premiere ‘The Player Hunt S2’

PokerHigh to soon premiere ‘The Player Hunt S2’

New Delhi, July 26 (UNI) Riding high on the thumping success of Season 1 of ‘The Player Hunt’, PokerHigh has announced the release of Season 2 shortly, along with the launch of its off-season format, ‘The Hunter Campaign’.

‘The Player Hunt’ is the only poker-based reality show that is being hosted by brothers-in-arm Rannvijay Singha and Harman Singha.

‘The Player Hunt’ Season 2 will be broadcast as a seven-episode series on YouTube on host Rannvijay’s channel. The much-awaited Season 2 has already garnered a lot of interest and excitement in the poker-based gaming community.

As a reality-show concept, ‘The Player Hunt’ has become an instant hit with the audience, bringing unassuming poker-players to stardom. It has become the most watched reality show for desi-poker-lovers the world over.

Rannvijay said, “The second season of The Player Hunt is bigger, better, and beyond our expectations.” What started as an online format in Season 1 has now become an offline session with contestants in the same space in Season 2. It was a lot of fun to see a whole new level of expertise and poker skills displayed this season.”

“Clearly, poker looks like the next big indoor sport, all thanks to The Player Hunt. The contestants were amazing, and I’ve had the best time hosting this show along with my brother. I’m also excited about broadcasting ‘The Player Hunt Season 2 ‘ on my YouTube channel. I’m confident that my subscribers will enjoy watching it as much as I did hosting it,” he said.

Speaking on the off-season format, Harman, said, “It’s a great medium designed to onboard players into the poker community for unique experiences. Besides, if someone’s looking for an opportunity to participate in Season 3 of The Player Hunt, The Hunter Campaign is a must-follow. It’s an exciting time for the show.”

‘The Player Hunt’ is the dream of Vaibhav and Gaurav Gaggar, the founders of Adda 52, who pioneered the Indian online poker industry, to bring the sport to the masses in the form of entertainment on a reality show that allows people from all walks of life to showcase their talent to a […]

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