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Poker World Shocked By Number High Stakes Cheating Allegations

Poker World Shocked By Number High Stakes Cheating Allegations

The last two weeks have been a terrible time for the image of the high-stakes poker community. Multiple accusations of cheating have tarnished the image of several players, dragging the game into the gutter.

Even with several high-profile cheating scandals tainting the game over the years, we have still never seen such an explosion of cases as witnessed this month.

What started as a simple tweet pointing out an incidence of peeking at another player’s cards, has turned into something which risks tarnishing the online game for a long time to come. The slew of accusations might not yet be over, too. There could be a lot more to come .

The integrity of online poker is crucial for the long-term health of the ecosystem. No trust means that potential new players will see taking up the game as a bad risk and shy away, ultimately damaging the future of poker.

Things were tough enough 20 years ago when players were still unsure about how safe their money was in the fledgling industry. Now, all this talk of collusion and real-time assistance threatens to undo much of the trust made over the last decade. Poker black-list can’t come soon enough.
Ali is banned from GG for Multi-accounting and RTA. I have witnessed numerous chip dumps to horses, and many suspicious changes in play from people known to be his horses when deep in online MTTs. — Alex Foxen (@WAFoxen) April 18, 2022 Ali Imsirovic was the first target. Alex Foxen tweeted that he is “known as a cheater to almost all in the high roller community, however without much ironclad proof, most stay silent.”

It is already known that the Bosnian-American is banned from GGPoker but this blatant rubbernecking had Foxen struggling to keep quiet. Even given Imsirovic’s reputation, this transgression would still likely have blown over quick enough, but now everyone has started to speak out. Ali opens the CO with Ah9c. Then quite visibly looks down at Paul Phua’s hole cards, Ad5. The actual footage makes it even more clear than this screen shot. Paul folds and Addamo defends the BB. […]

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