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Poker or Blackjack – Which Is the Better Casino Game?

Poker or Blackjack – Which Is the Better Casino Game?

The blackjack vs. poker debate reminds me of the age-old argument involving chickens and eggs. Since I don’t have enough room to lay down a reasoned argument on either side of the whole chicken/egg fracas, we’ll closely examine what explicitly makes blackjack and poker so irresistible.

Answering the question “Is blackjack better than poker?” equivalent to asking which of our children is our favorite. Sure, Suzy is smarter and does better in school. But Biff is a regular chip off the old block and is already making a name for himself on the playing field.

So, it is with poker vs. blackjack. Both have plenty of solid attributes to recommend to anyone but choosing between the two is not so cut and dried. One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

As the great philosopher Steven Wright pointed out, “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” Likewise, you can’t play blackjack and poker—not at the same time, anyway.

Poker and blackjack each require your full attention. Sure, blackjack may seem like it requires more dedicated attention to the game than poker—when’s the last time you saw somebody reading a newspaper at the blackjack table? Or playing Candy Crush on their phone?

Let’s look at each game and weigh their individual strengths and weaknesses, their advantages and disadvantages.

When comparing blackjack and poker, it’s important to note that both games are a gamble but don’t share many other similarities.

Sure, blackjack and poker are both enjoyable games played with a deck of cards. Still, there are many basic differences between the two, and favoring one over the other can often be a simple matter of taste or even whim.

One significant difference that sometimes escapes notice: Who wins when you lose? Blackjack — You vs. the House Blackjack is a house-banked game, meaning the player is pitted against the house. Other people may be at the blackjack table, but they are also trying to beat the dealer. All of you know that the house always wins—and the dealer is smugly aware of that, as well.In blackjack, there’s only one entity profiting from your loss: […]

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