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The WSOP & Its History: Poker As A Game Show, A Spectator Sport And Reality TV

The WSOP & Its History: Poker As A Game Show, A Spectator Sport And Reality TV

The 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event is in full swing in Las Vegas. This year the $10,000 no-limit hold’em tournament drew a whopping 8,663 players .

That’s the second-largest field ever and has created an $80 million-plus prize pool . Many will be watching closely later this week to see which player claims the bracelet and $10 million first prize.

The WSOP Main Event is often described as poker’s Super Bowl for at least a couple of reasons. One is the fact that the tournament represents the game’s world championship.

Also, just as the NFL’s Super Bowl attracts interest from casual football fans (and even non-football fans), the WSOP Main Event represents the one poker tournament each year that successfully earns the attention of those outside the poker world. This includes many other kinds of US online casino players.

For many, watching televised coverage of the WSOP Main Event has served as the first introduction to poker. That was particularly the case during the “poker boom” years of the mid-2000s . In fact, chances are a large percentage of those playing the Main Event this year were first inspired to play poker after having watched the WSOP on TV.

When poker took off in 2003 and in years after, those memorable WSOP shows seemed to have come out of nowhere. In truth, the emergence of poker as a “spectator sport” was a long time coming.

Here’s a look back at how televised poker has drawn from numerous sources, including game shows , sports programming , and reality TV , in order to make the idea of watching people play a card game a lot more entertaining than it has the right to be. Poker on TV before the World Series of Poker

Before the WSOP debuted at Binion’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas in 1970 , there was plenty of poker on television. Of course, essentially all of it was fictional poker , invented scenes inserted into TV westerns, comedies, and dramas in order to push along their made-up plots.

During television’s earliest era, the most popular shows by far were westerns. Many times during […]

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