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AGAR: Ontario deals a bad poker hand to players

AGAR: Ontario deals a bad poker hand to players

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The Ontario government’s handling of online poker is a great example of the inherent nature of lumbering, uncaring bureaucracy. Article content

You may not care about online poker and perhaps you don’t live in Ontario but stay with me.

Up until very recently, Ontarians could play poker with players all over the world on a site like the one I play on, PokerStars.

Arguments against gambling are moot, as the Ontario government is more involved than the Genovese crime family, without the leg breaking.

Recently I was up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. It is a good time to play as I am the only one up in the house and people all over the planet are playing. Well over 100,000 of us at a time.

That morning I was informed that I had to migrate my account onto a new Ontario version of the game.

I did, only to discover that now I can only play with people in Ontario, most of whom it seems like to sleep in on Saturday. There were no games to join. Too few players. Article content

Why would Ontario make that move and why didn’t I know it was coming?I asked the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) only to be told, “It isn’t us.”I have since contacted the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), iGaming Ontario (iGO) and the Ministry responsible, the Attorney General’s office.Since July 7, here is what I have been asking.I am curious as to why players were migrated over to an Ontario version of PokerStars.What is the benefit to Ontario?What is the supposed benefit to players?On the weekend early in the morning, I was trying to get a game on the nine-player tournament tables, but no one was playing. I used to play with people across all time zones. How is that better?Players tell me some games are no longer available on the site. How is that better? Article content I don’t remember players being asked whether we wanted the Ontario government’s “help.”Why do we have so many entities supposedly […]

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