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Most Popular Games in Canada

Most Popular Games in Canada

Canadians love games. They readily embrace the spirit of competition, whether it’s the physical rigor of a sport or the mental challenge of a card game. Of course, due to the cold weather, Canadians naturally shine in winter sports like hockey, curling and luge. However, they are also champions in some unexpected areas, including party games like trivia. Below are a few of Canada’s favorite sports and games. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is perhaps the most popular sport in Canada. Invented by J.G. Creighton in 19th-century Montreal, ice hockey has since become the country’s official national sport. Major sporting events like the Olympics began to include hockey at the beginning of the 20th century. Later, Canada created the NHL, where Canadian and American teams come together for matches out on the ice.

Professional hockey has exploded in popularity over recent years, leading to the success of many prolific athletes . On the other hand, many Canadians also play in semi-professional and intramural leagues. Lacrosse

Unlike hockey, lacrosse can be traced back centuries. The sport originates from the Iroquois peoples around what is now known as New York and parts of Canada. Matches were a bit different then. With massive teams composed of hundreds of people, lacrosse matches often lasted for days. The Iroquois made equipment from their hunts, using deer sinew to make net baskets and deer hide for lacrosse balls.

Later, European settlers adopted the sport. As in ice hockey, today’s lacrosse fans and athletes gather at official sporting events like those hosted by the NLL. Canadians bond as they watch lacrosse, whether it’s a professional or amateur game. INSERT IMAGE HERE >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>> Photo Poker

While ice hockey and lacrosse are physical sports, many consider poker a mental sport. It has all the competition of an athletic sport without necessarily needing the physical prowess. Players compete for the best hand or bluff their way to the top. People can come together to play, but online poker is another option. In fact, poker rooms in Ontario have become more common lately, since many iGaming websites have been licensed and […]

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