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Lessons from AAMS to African gambling regulators

Lessons from AAMS to African gambling regulators

The Italian regulatory entity AAMS stands for Agenzia Dogane e Monopolio di Stato is responsible for regulating the gambling industry and other sectors in Italy including customs relations and the tobacco industry. Known in English as AASM (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies), this powerful gambling authority assumed its full powers and began giving licenses in 2010. All forms of internet gambling are legal in Italy except betting on blood sports. This government body has the power to supply appropriate licences for the operators in both land-based and online sectors covering lotteries, sports betting, bingo, arcades, poker games, casino games, and horse pools. Considered among the world-leading licensing jurisdictions and respected gaming regulatory oversight authorities, AASM has continued to cooperate with other gambling boards like in Africa. The African gambling jurisdictions that want to maintain a solid regulation with high standards are required to take lessons from this Italian respected and popular regulator.

As the Italian market has incredibly increased, tighter regulations and actions against gambling addictions are AASM priorities. The self-exclusion solution has become an industry standard for vulnerable players’ protection. Like many other countries, this Italian regulator released a new self-exclusion scheme in 2018, for people who want to stay away from online gambling activities.

Known as Unique Self Exclusion Registry or USER, the players who want to quit any gambling and related activities are required to register at the service. They have the option to self-ban for a limited period or indefinitely, and once their registration is approved, they won’t have access to the licensed gambling websites of their choice. Therefore, these players will only be able to play at casinos from the NonAAMS.com site, as they will have to wait for the specified time to remove the self-exclusion.

Supported by the state financial auditor SOGEI, this programme is part of the research foundation Digital Gaming Observatory and is overseen by Milan Technology University. Today, this self-exclusion tool is omnipresent in the Italian online gambling market and has become an effective arm to combat gambling-related harm.

Italy is one of the liberal nations because, unlike other European countries’ regulations, the laws […]

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