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Lauren Roberts & Sergi Reixach React to Bryn Kenney Cheating Allegations

Lauren Roberts & Sergi Reixach React to Bryn Kenney Cheating Allegations

lauren roberts bryn kenney Following Martin Zamani’s interview on the Doug Polk Podcast in which he claimed Bryn Kenney was operating a cult-like online poker cheating ring , Lauren Roberts fired off a tweetstorm over the weekend about the scandal corroborating some of the accusations.

Roberts is a high-stakes amateur who played under the screen name “he22” on GGPoker . According to Zamani, Kenney often ordered his stable of horses (players he was backing) to gang up on her in online poker games.

The accusation is that when “he22” was seated in a game, Kenney would tell his horses to get in the game and team up to take her money. Zamani also claimed this gang-up mentality was done to a woman whom was supposedly friends with Kenney.

Poker’s all-time money list leader isn’t the only high roller to be connected with an alleged cheating scandal. Ali Imsirovic , who won the 2019 GPI Player of the Year award, was also accused of colluding and using real-time assistance (RTA) tools by Alex Foxen , Chance Kornuth , among others. Roberts Brings Some Receipts

Up until Saturday, most of the allegations against Imsirovic and Kenney were just that — allegations. Zamani made some bold claims in one of the whackiest interviews you’ll ever see, but he showed no proof. Roberts, however, shared some tweets that may have corroborated some of Zamani’s claims, including a number of text screenshots.

Some of the tweets were a bit confusing and didn’t show the dates the conversation took place. But in one, a one-time friendly relationship between the poker players was apparent. Roberts’ GGPoker account was a big loser, although she did win a US Poker Open event in 2019 for $218,400 in Las Vegas. None other than Bryn Kenney was there to celebrate with his “friend.” That friendship is clearly a thing of the past and the animosity between the two was fully on display Saturday on Twitter.

“I had no idea Martin was gonna do this. Ironically, I think Martin may have used my account as an example bc I have been kind to him and I […]

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