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Is 888poker's Dave Gibson the Most Relatable Poker Player There Is?

Is 888poker's Dave Gibson the Most Relatable Poker Player There Is?

Dave Gibson 888poker Dave Gibson is not on a mission to make the microstakes sexy. Far from it .

“I want my stream to be organic,” the 888poker Stream Team member told PokerNews . “I don’t want people to be watching just because I’ve got a giveaway and suddenly my viewers jump up. Microstakes Streamer

Gibson says that he’s probably one of very few sponsored streamers who play the microstakes, and says he loves that side of his job, as well as trying to improve his poker in general. Why? Because he wants people coming back!”

“I’m never going to pretend I’m anything other than just the most relatable poker player there is. There’s nothing special about me! I’m just like everyone else in the chat in terms of playing.”

Except Gibson has a massive 888poker badge on his chest and has jumped to prominence in the streaming world after winning the Chris Eubank KO Challenge at 888poker LIVE London earlier in 2022.

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But online, Gibson remains true to his roots and relishes the interactions he has with the community he has built up over the course of his streaming career.

“What I do is really relatable. People can see me playing microstakes and jump in the same tournament as I’m playing. The viewers really enjoy that sort of thing, that sort of interaction. I see people in the chat joining tournaments I’m playing.”

Gibson first got into poker “by accident” he says. After a game store didn’t have a copy of the game he wanted to buy, he stumbled across a poker game purely by chance and bought it. Best Free to Play Slots EPIC APE LEGACY OF THE TIGER MADAME TAROT “I didn’t even look what the games were, but I ended up buying it. And one of the games was Texas Hold’em Poker.“It was a proper butterfly effect. If the game I had wanted was there, I wouldn’t have looked around and I wouldn’t have found it. It’s a pretty great origin […]

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