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Introducing the Fox Report

Introducing the Fox Report

Welcome to the Fox Report. I’ll be at the World Series of Poker almost every day playing cash games, taking photos, and gathering information about things that are happening at the WSOP. If you can’t make it to the series in person, I’ll do my best to bring the series to you. It’s like a virtual reality visit to the WSOP without the annoying VR glasses and the risk of running headlong into your flat screen television. Players took photos with the sign all day long. (Image: Chris Wallace) I’ll also be including a ton of photos in these reports. Most of them will end with a photo gallery of interesting pics from the last few days. If you get a great photo or a tip on an interesting story, let me know on Twitter @foxpokerfox. Fox’s first impressions

It’s happening. The WSOP is finally on the strip . We have a new venue, tons of space, better options for entertainment, food, and hotel rooms and, so far, it looks great.

Jack Effel convinced me that this year will be a significant upgrade in terms of space, organization, and player experience , but as a lifelong sports fan, I know better than to get my expectations too high just because the coach says “this is our year.”

That said, the rooms are big and spacious with around 160K square feet of space and almost 600 poker tables. There are now 16 cashier windows, which is a nice upgrade and should help with lines. There are also lots of Fastrac machines to help players register without standing in line if they’ve deposited money in the system online.

The cards and chips are brand new and seem good so far. The cards felt a bit stiff and thin, and players expressed a fear that they would break easily, but in the cash games I played yesterday, they were great. Only time and the scrutiny of the high-stakes mixed-game players will tell us if the cards hold up well enough in the daily grind of thousands of trips through the shuffle machines.

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