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Have Poker VLOGS Become Boring?

Have Poker VLOGS Become Boring?

The widespread attention poker has got in the past few years is not to be ignored, and a lot of it is down to VLOGS and social media platforms. Many of the big pros have hopped on the train and kept things fun for the most part by sharing their poker experiences online. But are VLOGS getting better? Are more people watching? And is there room for newcomers? Well it’s something worth discussing.

So if you have a history of a player like Daniel Negreanu , you will certainly have some traction behind you. For your average poker fan, vlogs like these are surely entertaining: Having the opportunity to follow a player of such caliber is very fortunate, and we have the internet to thank for that! However when it comes to analytics, a channel like this does not come close to the top dogs on YouTube in terms of revenue or analytics. With tens of millions of dollars in earnings and a charismatic player behind the camera, should we not see these numbers skyrocket? The @WSOP is back and so are @RealKidPoker ‘s vlogs! @jeffplatt talks to “Kid Poker” before the $10K Super Turbo Bounty final table on @PokerGO ! pic.twitter.com/nHWhSMQ7uT — PokerGO News (@PokerGOnews) May 30, 2019 Or perhaps the average viewer is not entertained? From analytics, it’s apparent that strictly no poker player has close to one million subscribers which means that there is only a small minority of players who can actually rely on it for a living. Therefore it’s probably not best served as a way to make serious money.

But is it the actual poker that people find uninteresting? Unlikely, with videos like these having collected insane views:

The gambling aspect of poker is clearly still a huge part of why it receives so much attention. So does it then boil down to the significance of the player vlogging? Compared to the random guy who videos at your local casino? This could perhaps be the case.

Brad Owen certainly paved a way for this type of work. As Brad’s most popular video, maybe thumbnailing the amount […]

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