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A Brief History Of Poker: From Its Origins To Today

A Brief History Of Poker: From Its Origins To Today

While playing your round of poker, you can consider yourself a part of a long history. Poker would not be the same and wouldn’t have been developed as it is today had it not been for the practice of betting everywhere. The urge to test our luck has always been part of us. Also, we have a great time doing it. Poker is action-packed and an exciting card game. The act of gambling gathers people for a time of fun and it has been a way of socializing for thousands of years. Let’s take a look at the beginnings of poker and how it progressed to being one of the most dominant forms of entertainment.

Let’s start this journey through history with facts about gambling in general before pinpointing when poker became a thing and how it grew. The earliest evidence dates back to Ancient China where they found slips used for the lottery. The Egyptian civilization was no stranger to gambling either. Dice were found in ancient tombs, so we can assume it was used for games and gambling.

As far as the Roman Empire is concerned, within the walls of Rome, gambling was strictly prohibited. Playing for money was out of the question, or else they had to pay huge fines. The idea was to play with chips. They couldn’t be fined because they didn’t play with real money and the habit of using chips is a rule even nowadays. The design and material of them are surely better but the basic idea is the same. Poker is played with a set of chips of various colors and they have no value outside of a casino. If you have chips with you, you can cash them but there are strict rules of identification before receiving the money.

When it comes to sets of cards, many appeared in 9th century China but do not look like today’s sets. The first card games that were mentioned in written documents date back to the 14th century in Italy and France. Baccarat or Baccara was a two-player card game that originated in these two […]

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