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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About WSOP Bracelets

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About WSOP Bracelets

Poker The WSOP has been awarding bracelets to the winners for decades now, and if you’ve ever wanted to know why, who makes them, or how much they’re worth then you’re in the right place.

We’ll cover everything you need to know, including whether you can get your hands on one without actually winning a World Series of Poker event. Where The Idea Of WSOP Bracelets Came From

When the World Series of Poker first kicked off in 1970, winners weren’t awarded bracelets. Instead, they got a cup and a fairly common-looking plaque.

It was a nice trophy to have, but it wasn’t unique in any way.

Then, in 1976 Benny Binion – the man who came up with the WSOP concept – thought of the idea to start awarding bracelets instead.

Benny figured that introducing bracelets for tournament winners would help set the game apart and make it different.

Additionally, bracelets were something players could actually wear while playing, so their competitors could see they were up against a WSOP champion.

Albeit somewhat unusual, the concept was well-received by the players at the time and WSOP bracelets were adopted for the years to come.

During those initial years, the number of bracelets awarded every year was fairly small.However, as time progressed and poker became more and more popular, the number of bracelet-awarding events increased as well. How Much Is A WSOP Bracelet Worth? The World Series of Poker bracelets are probably the most coveted trophies in the poker community, so it’s hard to put a fixed value on them.As well as this, over the years the design of bracelets has changed quite a bit, and so has its monetary value.The first bracelet that Benny Binion came up with in 1976 was worth around $500.For the sake of discussion, it’s worth mentioning that $500 was worth quite a bit more back then than it is now.The WSOP bracelets of today look quite different, and the ones awarded in most events are probably worth around $1,500 .This is not accounting for the bracelet’s sentimental value or prestige but simply looking at the value of materials […]

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