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Ethan Yau Calls Out Disney Star Grayson Hunter Over a $1000 Poker Debt

Ethan Yau Calls Out Disney Star Grayson Hunter Over a $1000 Poker Debt

An excellent reputation is more important than money, however, for Grayson Hunter Goss , it seems to be worth just $1,000. Ethan Yau alleged that the Disney celebrity and poker player owed him a $1000 poker debt. C’mon Grayson.

You’d ruin your entire reputation over a $1,000 scam? — Allen Kessler (@AllenKessler) June 18, 2022 Hunter was born in Houston and is now 21 years old. He is most known for his vocal work as Prince Hugo in the Disney animated film “Sofia the First” and his role as Dylan in the Hub Network comedy, “S.H. R.I.E.K.”

Nevertheless, poker player and streamer Ethan Yau, dubbed “Rampage Poker,” was not interested in Grayson Hunter Goss’ acting abilities, with the Twitter-verified public figure seemingly having no assurance of getting refunded.

Yau tweeted: “Unfortunately, I fell prey to his tiny blue check mark and met him three times; each time he told me he’d lost more than $30,000 during poker/blackjack sessions. I never thought $1000 would be enough to steal, yet here we are. Please learn from my blunders, and don’t trust anybody you don’t know,” he said before noting, “Apparently, he operates a PokerBros group as well, so it’s quite evident not to work/play with him.” Several Victims

As poker Twitter began to look into the issue, it became apparent that Goss had previously defrauded several individuals, one of whom was the star of the MTV show “Teen Mom,” Kayla. After the list of Goss’s victims increased, he eventually replied to Yau, most unexpectedly. The Disney star claims that thugs robbed him of $12,000 in cash. Update from Grayson. I don’t care about the $1000, I care more about the numerous people messaging me about how they got scammed by the same person — Rampage (@rampagepoker) June 18, 2022 While $1000 isn’t the biggest debt in the poker world, calling out cheaters and fraudsters is vital to the community since it prevents others from getting swindled by the same con artists.

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