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Estonia’s Online Gambling Success Story – The History of Playtech

Estonia’s Online Gambling Success Story – The History of Playtech

Estonia is certainly a country with many success stories in the IT sector. From Skype to more start-ups popping up than in any other European country , the Baltic country casts a longer shadow than its small size and population might imply. Looking at the history of Playtech, however, singles the company out as a global phenomenon.

Playtech games can be found on some of the best online casino sites on the planet. The company dominates multiple casino verticals, including virtual and live-dealer gambling. How did this happen? What springboarded a small Tartu-based team to such heights?

Let’s look over Playtech history and see how it all came to be.

The Founding of Playtech

The presence of Playtech slots and games seems to be almost a given with top online casinos. As you can see on this list of top Playtech casinos by CasinosOnline, there are quite a few of them, and they’re far-reaching world operators. This wasn’t always the case, though. Playtech started out in 1999 in Tartu, just as online gambling was heading into a boom.

To understand the history of Playtech, we have to set the context first. The late 90s were an important time for online casinos, which were turning out to be potentially massive. They were still tiny compared to traditional venues, though. More importantly, the online gambling market in 1999 was a bit of a wild west.

First of all, online gambling in the USA was still perfectly legal – and would be until 2006. This gave new companies a potentially massive market in a country that was going through digitalization faster than most others. Besides, the country in which Las Vegas lies has a long history of loving casinos.

More interestingly, there was a general lack of regulation across the globe. Online casino sites were still new, any regulation of the internet was non-existent, and most casino software providers were startup wild cards.

Most of Playtech’s competition did business with whomever, whenever. Scam sites, shady casinos, illegal platforms – most casino software providers took on any casino they could.Not Playtech, though. Their software was expensive, and getting a […]

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