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Doyle Brunson – ‘Texas Dolly’

Doyle Brunson – ‘Texas Dolly’

Source – The Godfather of Poker

There is only one poker player in the world whose mere arrival to a tournament room is greeted with a standing ovation. There is only one player who has competed with the game’s elite for more than 60 years. There is only one player who is recognizable in silhouette or by first name only. And there’s only one player in world poker for whom the title ‘living legend’ is not a weary cliche.

The player, of course, is Doyle Brunson. Some people know him as Texas Dolly; to all he is the Godfather of Poker.

These days, Brunson is nothing short of an icon, the player whose career straddles every stage of poker’s dramatic development. Brunson was there when poker was a game played in Texas bars by a selection of travelling vagabonds. Brunson was there when enterprising casino bosses first began hosting poker tournaments in their properties, hoping to appeal to a new breed of gambler. Brunson was there when poker first appeared on television and players crawled out of the shadows to become celebrities. And Brunson was there when the online game took poker to unprecedented new heights.

Even at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2021, when he was 88 years old, Brunson was there. He had a Stetson on his head, a fiercely aggressive poker game, and razor-sharp instincts and wits.

Through every stage of his incomparable career, Brunson has always been the best player at the table. He has won 10 World Series gold bracelets, including the Main Event twice, and his stats show tournament winnings of more than $6 million. But the actual amount of money he has wagered through poker’s most storied career – winning and losing; swinging high and low – is several hundred times that amount. He chose the following quotation as the epigraph of his autobiography and if anything, for Brunson, it’s an understatement: “When Luck Shuts the Door…”

The Brunson ride started in the west Texas Bible Belt, on August 10, 1933. Brunson grew up in what he describes as a “speck of […]

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