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Decentralized American Play-to-Earn Poker Platform From Virtue Gaming

Decentralized American Play-to-Earn Poker Platform From Virtue Gaming

Virtue Gaming is as some of you know it, a decentralized online poker brand. It is based on Ethereum and now they are offering the first poker where you can earn money in this way in the United States. This is definitely a new option and you will need some time to understand it. But we will try to explain what all of this means and which perks players can get while playing poker in this form. Gaming In The United States

You need to know that gambling in the United States is not that common. Although there are many American online casinos available and they are extremely popular, only 6 states allow you to gamble and these states are West Virginia, Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. These states have developed their own gambling authorities that monitor gambling and control it, as you can imagine. This is equivalent to UKGC but each state has its own gambling authority while UKGC is responsible for the control of gaming in the whole United Kingdom.

This also means that US players are unable to visit and play poker such as PokerStars available at 888 Poker. They need an alternative and they need one that actually works well. This is where Virtue Gaming comes into action. Virtue Gaming Poker Explained

In order to avoid the aforementioned limits and issues, Virtue Gaming has created something special. They have created a play-to-earn basis where you will get VPP. It stands for virtual player points. When you create an account, you will get 500 of these points and this is around $147. Once a player has these points he or she can then cash out and get USDT or tether.

Then gambling can begin. A player can compete in poker versus other players from all over the world who have done the same thing. They can use Ethereum as well as any other crypto available on the platform.

We must add that the platform is safe and sound. It will use per to per encryption which makes cheating impossible. This is definitely something you want to hear […]

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