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These are the Bear Market Benefits, and the Future of NFTs: DappRadar CEO (Interview)

These are the Bear Market Benefits, and the Future of NFTs: DappRadar CEO (Interview)

DappRadar has quickly become one of the most popular resources for decentralized applications. Positioned as a peerless, actionable, as well as multichain data aggregator on a wide selection of NFT collections, dApps, DeFi projects, and so forth, DappRadar has grown into a widely used destination for many industry participants.

CryptoPotato had the chance to speak to Skirmantas Januškas – the CEO and co-founder of DappRadar – on a range of topics spanning from the non-fungible tokens hype play-to-earn, DeFi, the ongoing bear market, and many others. The Crypto ‘Aha!’ Moment: CryptoKitties

Skirmantas co-founded DappRadar together with Dunica Dragos Valentin but their story started long before that, as they knew each other for over ten years prior to starting DappRadar.

Both of them have development backgrounds – Skirmantas used to do back-end, while Dragos used to do front-end development. They met online and started working on some “little projects” here and there. This is where things get more interesting. Probably seven or eight years ago, Dragos kept pinging me to do something with Bitcoin. He got into Bitcoin much earlier than I got into crypto, in general. During these few years, I had the same understanding of crypto as probably the majority of people nowadays – you know, “I don’t get it, looks shady, I don’t understand it – I don’t touch it. He said that it took him probably four or five years since he first heard about Bitcoin to really understand the power of the blockchain. That happened when CryptoKitties – in 2017 – they launched and went through the roof on high volumes. And then, at that point in time, being a back-end developer, I thought I need to start understanding what smart contracts are really about. Skirmantas shared that this was his “Aha!” moment – one that he described as “mindblowing.” He was looking at blockchain from a very simplistic perspective and imagined a straightforward yet powerful concept – fixing transparent verifiability within online poker. Skirmantas Januškas, DappRadar’s CEO Now that he and Dragos clicked on the power and potential of blockchain, the idea for DappRadar was […]

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