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Can You Play Poker and Strategy Games On a PS5?

Can You Play Poker and Strategy Games On a PS5?

Poker Face: Poker and the PS5

The PS5 is finally here, and it’s flying off the shelves faster than candy canes at Christmas. For those of you lucky PlayStation fans who have already gotten their hands on the holy grail, the wait is over, and all your burning questions about the new console have already been answered. For the rest of us, especially the poker fans out there, one question still remains: can you play poker games on the new PS5?

While online poker tournaments aren’t likely the sort of thing you’ll be playing on your Playstation; the short answer is that yes: you can play poker on the PS5! There are a few games out for PS5 that poker and PlayStation fans alike are already dying to get their hands on. Poker is an incredible game for flexing your strategy muscles, but there are a number of other exciting strategy games that you can play on PS5 as well: let’s take a look at a few of the best.

Image by Erik McLean via Pexels Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Rebellion Developments

The aim of the game in Evil Genius 2 is to build yourself the most impenetrable, most dastardly villain’s lair that’s ever been made. Why, you ask? Well, you need a spot to build your doomsday device, dont you? You’ll be building your air with a fully operational casino as your cover, so the construction comes with its challenges. You’ll need to put your thinking cap on and construct a base with a number of different rooms as well as the infrastructure and various amenities necessary for it to function correctly. As you build, you’ll be able to unlock new operations and set traps for infiltrating agents. You can choose your character from four villains, each with their own set of strong points and weaknesses as well as their own unique doomsday device designs. Crusader Kings 3: Console Edition.

Paradox Interactive

In this strategy role-playing game, you find yourself in the Middle Ages. This is the sequel to Crusader Kings 1 and 2 and sees players try to […]

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