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Biggest Poker Nations in Europe

Biggest Poker Nations in Europe

Poker has been present in the gambling industry since the 19th century. It started in the US , and then from there, it spread throughout the world. At this time, all the countries have the knowledge of poker and have its players, among which Europe is the most popular. All the European countries have famous players of poker who are very well-known in the gambling industry. In this article, you can see the biggest poker nations across the globe. List of biggest poker nations in Europe

As poker is famous, it attracts all the experts as well as the beginners in the gambling industry. All the countries of Europe are famous for being poker nations because of the highest number of players and the highest number of tournaments in which the winning price is also quite huge. Among all the countries, Sweden holds the first position in being the biggest poker nation. Poker players in Sweden make bets of millions every year, and the rate increases every year. As per the experts of , there are the top five biggest poker nations that are known because of total poker players and the bets that are placed from the country on poker only. Sweden

Sweden has some of the most toughest and competitive poker players in the world. All kind of gambling is legal, and all casinos gain a license from the Swedish government to show that they offer a fair and secure platform. All of these licensed platforms are now legal in the country. The country has a lot of popular players of Poker, such as Martin Jacobson. He is the winner of the World Series of Poker, and he won the amount that is the fifth-largest payout in the history of poker.

Another famous poker player in Sweden is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom who is known for his online username that he uses on all gambling sites. In 2012 he won PCA Super High Roller, in which he won the cash amount of $1,254,400.

Recently in 2018, he won the tournament of Millions Germany Main Event, in which he got […]

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