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Assessing the 10 Best Female Players in Poker History

Assessing the 10 Best Female Players in Poker History

While poker has always been portrayed in the media as a game of dominance played by men with gruff voices and cowboy hats, the truth is, women have been right there at the table all along.

Thousands of women play poker professionally, making cash games pay daily and taking seats at the final tables in tournaments from Las Vegas to the poker rooms of Europe.

Don’t worry; I’m not here to thumbnail the careers of thousands of poker players. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to show some respect for 10 of the top women poker players of all time.

They paid their dues just like the men did, whether it was grinding away, hand after hand, in the local poker rooms or spending hours seated before a glowing computer screen, learning the ins and outs of the game at the top online poker sites .

Let’s show some respect for the women who best exemplify the winning spirit of the game of poker. Here’s my take on the 10 best female poker players out there. Winnings : $11,906,247

WSOP Money Finishes : 20

WPT Money Finishes : 3

European Poker Tour Money Finishes : 4

Years in the Game : 2006-2017 Fun Fact : Selbst has a Juris Doctorate from Yale Law School. Born in New York in 1984, Vanessa K. Selbst discovered poker while working on her undergraduate degree at Yale during the early 20-oughts. She entered her first tourney in 206 and quickly rose to the top by winning.During her poker career, she won three WSOP bracelets. We featured her in our “ Worst Bad Beats in WSOP History ” blog.Now an investment associate with Bridgewater Associates in Westport, Connecticut, her career winnings put her in the top 100 poker players of all time. Kathy Liebert Nickname: PokerKat Winnings : $6,442,129 WSOP Money Finishes : 47 WPT Money Finishes : 21 European Poker Tour Money Finishes : 1 Years in the Game : 1991-present Fun Fact : In 2001, Leibert became the first woman to win $1,000,000 in a poker tournament when she beat Phil Hellmuth, Chris Ferguson, and Mel Judah at […]

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