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Are Women Underrepresented in Poker?

Are Women Underrepresented in Poker?

Poker is one of the few professional games where there is no division between males and females, and both genders can compete with one another. The game is available to everyone, and the online world has improved its accessibility. Unfortunately, though, the top rankings in the world are dominated by men. Indeed, the first woman to appear on the all-time money list is the now-retired Vanessa Selbst in 77th place.

These figures are since records began, and they could include more women over the next few decades. However, right now, it seems that female players are underrepresented in the poker scene. Hard to Tell the Exact Demographics Online

While the celebrity poker scene may be heavily dominated by men, it’s much harder to judge the demographics in the growing online game. This is the most popular way of playing, as players of all levels are welcome to get involved.

According to research into the booming online casino industry, there is a close split between men and women in terms of the number of gambling accounts held. Men have 3.6 on average, while women have 2.8. Both genders have been encouraged to play online and get more bang for their buck by making use of some of the best online casino bonuses , such as no deposit free spins and deposit matches. Besides bankroll management, sites like these allow users to get an unbiased view of the best options out of the plethora of online gaming sites.

Gaming sites all offer a vast game variety, with poker being one of the more popular offerings. But it’s hard to determine how many people play each game. An educated guess, however, would say that the split between men and women is much closer online than in the real world because of the figures mentioned here. Plenty of Women Have Made it to the Top

There are many women who have made it to the top of the poker world and can serve as inspiration to others. Before the poker boom, it was predominantly played by men. There were a few women, though, and the Ladies-only […]

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