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Are Horror-Themed Casino Games The Future?

Are Horror-Themed Casino Games The Future?

Amongst the ongoing evolution of online gaming, we have seen casino games and activities use several different themes to create a variation on a classic formula. What are these themes? Let’s explore the notion of themed casino games before looking at how developers could turn to horror for some inspiration. A more general look at themed casino games

With millions of people playing casino games online, developers are constantly trying to create new and interesting variations on classic formulas. For a great example of this, take a lot at online slot machines. There’s an amazing amount of choice. While casino fans searching for online blackjack at Paddy Power games will see games such as Blackjack Surrender, Live Quantum Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack, they also have machines based on old game shows and others utilizing horror elements like ghosts and zombies. It’s enough to make us wonder if a horror-themed blackjack game could be appearing in the future. What other classic casino games could perhaps get a bit of a spooky makeover? Could you beat a zombie in a game of poker?

Zombies are also featured heavily across the genre, and they have also remained popular throughout the generations. This interesting article from Forbes explores the evolution of the zombie. The ongoing popularity of The Walking Dead has only added to this. Again, there are plenty of games based on that show and the elements of a zombie invasion.

Where would it fit in a game of online poker? You could create a series of zombie-themed games where you face the living dead around a poker table. How would that go down amongst lovers of the iconic game? Utilizing sounds and music

Another element of all horror franchises has been sound. Regardless of the movie or TV show that you’re watching, sound and music help create tension and play a part in setting the scene. Some experts have argued that the music and sound move the audience and enhance their overall emotional experience. When looking at horror-themed games, the sound plays a part in building immersion and atmosphere. The same could […]

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