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A Quick Guide On How To Play 3 Card Poker

A Quick Guide On How To Play 3 Card Poker

While there are a lot of online casino games , sometimes you just want a quick and easy-to-learn game. That such game is 3-card poker.

Originally a variation of poker, 3-card poker has become a game of its own. In recent years it has risen in popularity and is now a common addition to online casinos.

The aim is to get the best possible poker hand with only three cards. Due to its wagering system, 3-card poker is essentially 2 games in 1. Them being 3-card wager and pair plus. You can choose to play one or both.

Below we have included the basic rules of 3-card poker, some hand values, and the common payouts you may find. How To Play

> The player must place an ante wager and/or pair plus wager. A pair plus wager is in hope that you will get a pair or better.

Next, everyone is dealt 3 cards face down. This includes the dealer. In 3-card poker you are not competing against other players, your hand is competing against the dealers. Despite other people playing at the table, their hands don’t matter to you.

Now you get to look at your hand. There is no drawing of any other cards, you play with the hand you are dealt.

Here is where you can decide what to do. You can either play or fold.

If you decide to fold, then the dealer takes your ante. If you decide to play then you must place a wager that is equal to your ante. After you play, all hands are revealed to see whose hand is better. Win Conditions If the dealer has a Jack-high or worse, then the wager is returned to the player. This is because the dealer’s hand is too low to qualify. If the dealer has a Queen high or better, then the player’s ante and the wager are paid out 1:1 if the player has a better hand. If the dealer’s hand qualifies and is better, then you lose your ante and wager. If the dealer’s hand qualifies and it is a […]

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