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In-Depth: GGPoker’s Ask Fedor: a Deep-Learning AI Tool to Improve Your Poker Game

In-Depth: GGPoker’s Ask Fedor: a Deep-Learning AI Tool to Improve Your Poker Game

GG’s new online poker tool rates your play and gives coaching advice immediately after you have played your hand — but it doesn’t come cheap. The advice provided will help bring your game to the next level. It helps bridge the gap between casual players and professionals. GGPoker has deployed Ask Fedor , a new coaching tool built into the online poker client that uses deep learning to analyze your play and provide immediate post-hand advice right at the tables.

The tool was created in consultation with GGPoker ambassador Fedor Holz, but the system utilizes artificial intelligence and neural networks to give its recommendations, GG says.

The company has not detailed exactly how it works — and it has shied away from using the term game theory optimal — but, presumably, the advice is based on approximate GTO play. Last verified: April 2022

The tool can be used immediately after a hand is over by simply clicking the “Ask Fedor” button at the table. Your hand is analyzed and you will be given a five-star rating on how you played the hand. You can then drill down and see how you are rated for each action taken. If you made a wrong decision, the better option is given.

This system has been in the works for a while. PRO revealed that Ask Fedor was under development five months ago, noting at the time that it would likely be integrated directly at the tables and it could involve a subscription tier.

Holz himself said to PRO at the time it would be “a totally different beast than anything on the market.” And, indeed, this advice does not come cheap — all players get five free “Asks” to test the system, but after that, it will require a monthly subscription. A basic membership costs almost $30 a month and grants 30 Asks, $100 monthly unlocks 120 Asks, a Premium subscription at $200 a month is unlimited — and is the only tier that allows analysis at GG’s “VIP” cash games at $25/$50 or higher.

All subscribers enjoy a 50% discount on their first month, but subscriptions […]

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