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7 Best Poker Mini-Games In Gaming, Ranked

7 Best Poker Mini-Games In Gaming, Ranked

In real life, poker is very popular. And if you’re good at the game, you can make plenty of money playing it. But it’s enjoyable to play whether cash is on the line or not. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it has made its way into the virtual world.

There are plenty of titles that are designed around the card game. Yet, many other titles have proven that all you need to deliver a solid poker experience is a well-crafted mini-game. Of course, not every developer has managed this feat, as several poker mini-games aren’t that enjoyable. But by this point, there have been some great ones, and here is a collection of the best. Picture Poker – Super Mario 64 DS And New Super Mario Bros.

Both Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. have the same poker mini-game. It is called Picture Poker, which is very similar to five-card draw. Instead of the typical suits, though, all your cards have Super Mario characters or symbols on them.

You also play against the same Super Mario character each time, who happens to be gaming’s best-ever player two , Luigi. The green Italian plumber serves as the dealer, too. Each time you beat him, you earn stars, which determines the minimum bet. So, the more stars you have, the higher the stakes. Texas Hold’Em – Far Cry 3

As you’d expect for an open-world game like Far Cry 3 , there are plenty of optional mini-games and activities you can play. Poker is simply one of the said activities, and you can find people playing it in various settlements.

When you choose to join, you must pick the difficulty. Not only does this dictate the ability of your opponents, but it also alters how much money you wager. For instance, on the expert difficulty, you have to put in $250, and your potential winnings are higher. Beyond that, this mini-game is just standard Texas Hold’em. Video Poker – Tales Of Vesperia

You can do some gambling in Tales Of Vesperia, and their version of poker is five-card draw. Unlike in […]

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