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10 Rookie Mistakes Made in Texas Hold'em Poker You Need to Avoid

10 Rookie Mistakes Made in Texas Hold'em Poker You Need to Avoid

The action is hot at casinos online and on land and Texas Hold’em has never been so popular. When playing poker today, there isn’t a single detail you can afford to overlook. That’s why you’ve got to tighten up your game if you’re going to stay competitive.

It’s the small details that distinguish the pros from the players who are just a little talented. Honing your poker strategy will help improve the way you play at the table. We cover 10 rookie mistakes made in Texas Hold’em Poker so you can avoid them like a pro. Missing the Value Bet

Missing a value bet is one of the most common poker mistakes made on the felt today. How often have you checked at the river, planning to call any bet less than ¾ of the pot, and your opponent just checks? Both hands are revealed, and you win the pot.

Sure, you won the pot but how big was it and how big could it have been if you hadn’t missed the value bet? A sizable bet placed at the river bet meant to raise the value of the pot. Well-placed value bets have the potential to rapidly increase your profit.

Missing the value bet enough times will mean a huge hit to your profit margin. Missing it once every five hands could reduce it by as much as 25%. If you think you have a good read on your opponent’s hand, take the risk because not doing so could get expensive. Calling with the Weaker Ace

Here’s a critical Texas Hold’em tip: don’t call down more experienced players with a weak ace. This hand is not worth betting on. Another common poker mistake, calling with the weaker ace is likely to end in you surrendering your bets to your opponent.

Sure, you might catch another ace by the river but having a top pair with a low or mediocre kicker is not ideal. The chances of this hand being bested are really high. If your opponents are placing strong bets, we suggest folding this weak ace by the turn. Bluffing the Donk


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