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Between October 31 and November 6, at the 2021 WSOP, a dozen players scored tournament victories of varying magnitude, but the highlights were five. In the new digest, we detail the significant events of the past week at the WSOP.

WSOP digest for October 24-30

Summary of WSOP Event Results October 31 – November 6, 2021

Tournament Inputs Prize fund Winner Country Prize
$ 400 Colossus NLH 9,399 $3,101,670 Anatoly Zyrin Russia $314,705
$10K 6-Handed NLH Championship 329 $3,067,925 Ben Yu USA $721,453
$10K Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship 80 $746,000 Brian Yoon USA $240,341
$ 1K SUPER SENIORS NLH 1,893 $1,684,770 Jean-Luc Adam France $255,623
$1K TAG TEAM NLH 641 $285,245

Mike Ruter

Сэми Дагло (Samy Dighlawi)





$50K Poker Players Championship 6-Handed 63 $3,016,125 Daniel Cates USA $954,020
$ 600 Deepstack Championship NLH 3,916 $1,997,160 Cole Ferraro USA $252,491
$1,5К PLO Hi-Lo 9 or Better 725 $967,875 Kevin Gerhart USA $186,789
$500 SALUTE to Warriors 1,738 $782,100 Eric Zhang USA $102,465
$ 5K Mixed NLH / PLO 579 $2,670,638 Ээлис Парссинен (Eelis Parssinen) Finland $545,616
$1K MINI Main Event NLH 3,821 $3,400,690 Georgios Sotiropoulos Greece $432,575
$10K PLO Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship 208 $1,939,600 Josh Arieh USA $484,791

Anatoly Zyrin brought Russia the first WSOP 2021 bracelet

If you win the $ 1.5K Omaha Mix at the 2019 WSOP with 717 entries, Dykalis he was lucky – at least that’s what he thinks – that winning the $ 400 Colossus at the 2021 WSOP came to him thanks to two things: skill and the support of those close to him. The tournament had more than 9K entries, several strong American regulars made it to the final table and the game was hot, but Anatoly was able to keep his cool to the end – even when he had only 2.5 BB in 6-max.

After the victory, he, together with his friend Sonya-Veronika Shashikhina, gave a short interview, in which he never stopped showing the bracelet to the camera and smiling:

It’s a very strange feeling when you play against a clearing of nine thousand people and beat everyone. Of course, the victory came not without luck – after all, the structure of the tournament was not very good. But when there were 50 people in the game, I made the most of my advantage over them and was able to win. In addition, the support of my friends and my girlfriend helped me a lot – thank you very much!

Anatoly Zyrin happily answers questions from a PokerNews journalist, WSOP 2021.

$ 400 Colossus Final Table Results

A place Player Country Prize
1 Anatoly Zyrin Russia $314,705
2 Michael Lee USA $194,450
3 Kevin Rand USA $147,595
4 Phuoc Nguyen USA $112,730
5 David Ripley USA $86,650
6 Eric Kim USA $64,025
7 Martin Gavasci Argentina $52,180
8 Vincas Tamasauskas Lithuania $40,885
9 Penh Lo USA $32,240

Anatoly was also on the verge of winning a bracelet in $10K PLO Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championshipbut failed to spin after losing a stack in 3-max against Americans Danny Chang and Josh Arie. 3rd place brought Zyrin $ 207,369.

By the way, another Russian almost managed to repeat Zyrin’s success at the WSOP 2021 – Nikita “Ebaaa11” Kuznetsov finished second in the $ 10K 6-Handed NLH Championship with 329 entries for $ 445,892

How Zyrin won EPT National Sochi 2020

Eelis Parssinen conquered the Mixed NLH / PLO event

One of the most successful online cashiers of our time, Finnish regular Eelis “EEE27” from Persia secured the biggest tournament win of his career this week. He pulled in $ 5K Mixed NLH / PLO in 579 entries, earning his first WSOP bracelet.

At the same time, the pre-final and the final turned out to be very comfortable for him, because close friends, the Finns, played with him. Samuli Sipila and Yoni Jokimainen, as well as the Swede Niklas “Lena900” Astedt. After the victory, Eelis did not brag and looked, though pleased, but tired:

The end of the tournament came as a surprise to me – this is my fifth WSOP and I don’t consider myself an offline regular, because I rarely play live tournaments, although I like them. Obviously, today’s victory is the result of a lucky coincidence, and not a superiority in skill.

$ 5K Mixed NLH / PLO Final Table Results

A place Player Country Prize
1 Ээлис Парссинен (Eelis Parssinen) Finland $545,616
2 Noah Bronstein USA $337,216
3 Ezra Abu-Gazal USA $239,321
4 David Prociak USA $172,332
5 Joni Jouhkimainen Finland $125,940
6 Kyle Arora USA $93,425
7 Niklas Astedt Sweden $70,367
8 Vikranth Anga India $53,824

Jungleman wins first bracelet as a Street Fighter character

To the final table of the $ 50K Poker Players Championship, a well-known poker player and freshly baked member of the RunItOnce team, as well as a benefactor, actor, director and favorite troll of the poker community Dan Cates came fully armed. He knew that PokerGO would be broadcasting the game, so he tried on a slightly modified image of Akuma, the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series.

At the beginning of Day 2, Dan predicted his victory, saying that he came to win – and therefore will win. And so it happened – after a grueling 13-plus hours of struggle at the finals, Keith took the bracelet and the commemorative trophy named after poker legend Chip Reese. In an interview after the victory, he explained why it is important:

Winning the trophy is cool, of course, but this victory has a bigger goal. Now I will have more money to continue helping the world and also pursue a career outside of poker. Perhaps I will play Maine in this episode, but not in god mode anymore – that would not be fair.

Notably, Dan thanked his fans and friends via Twitter for sharing their “mystical energy” with him:

I love you all – you played a decisive role in my victory!

$ 50K Poker Players Championship Final Table Results

A place Player Country Prize
1 Daniel Cates USA $954,020
2 Ryan Leng USA $589,628
3 Paul Volpe USA $404,243
4 Eli Elezra Argentina $286,983
5 Chris Brewer USA $211,235
6 Josh Arieh USA $161,422

Regular from Greece wins Mini Main Event

Georgis Sotiropoulos with his first career WSOP offline bracelet to win the $ 1K Mini Main Event in 2021.

Greek poker player Georgis Sotiropoulos last week he added another WSOP trophy to his piggy bank. In 2015, he won a WSOP Europe bracelet, winning the € 1.1K NLH tournament in Berlin. In August 2021, he received a WSOP Online bracelet for winning a new tournament format for the series – $ 200 Flip & Go. Now they’ve added a WSOP 2021 bracelet to win the $ 1K Mini Main Event with almost 4K entries.

As Georgis admitted after the victory, she was not included in his plans – and therefore made him very happy:

I know that after my victory in 2015, they started to consider me one of the top players in NLH, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. All I want from being offline is to give me the ability to keep playing and grind for as long as I can. However, getting a WSOP bracelet is a real achievement for me, because I really love Las Vegas, the people in it and everything that happens here during the series. I feel grateful to everything and it pushes me to come back again and again, to play and win more and more.

$ 1K Mini Main Event Final Table Results

A place Player Country Prize
1 Georgios Sotiropoulos Greece $432,575
2 Ватару Мияшита (Wataru Miyashita) Japan $267,328
3 Jordan Meltzer USA $202,695
4 James Patterson USA $154,720
5 James Rubinski USA $118,898
6 Matthew Jewett USA $91,991
7 David Tuthill USA $71,661
8 James Morgan Canada $56,208
9 Erkut Yilmaz USA $44,394

Jean-Luc Adam wins SUPER SENIORS “relaxed”

Jean-Luc Adam, 69, wins his first career WSOP bracelet for winning the $ 1K SUPER SENIORS in 2021.

During the WSOP Senior Fan Event, a 69-year-old Frenchman Jean-Luc Adam became a living embodiment of the concept of “kata-rest”. As he admitted in an interview after winning the 1.8K tournament, he absolutely did not think about the trophy, but played for fun, sometimes even forgetting that he was at the WSOP:

I was like in a dream – a very strange feeling. Throughout the tournament, I felt so good, so calm. I tried to play every hand – I like to do it for the sake of unforgettable emotions. It’s hard for me to understand how it happened that I became one of the champions of the world series of poker.

He also said that he learned how to play from his son, Cedric Adam, who has won the WSOP International Circuit 2019 Main Event winner ring:

My son plays very well – I am so proud of him. In general, I have a wonderful family – a wife, two children – and I thought about them while playing. It’s a very nice feeling, so I’m happy to have won a bracelet for them!

$ 1K SUPER SENIORS Final Table Results

A place Player Country Prize
1 Jean-Luc Adam France $255,623
2 Eugene Solomon USA $157,986
3 Scott Sukstorf USA $117,181
4 Bill Stabler USA $87,722
5 Aleksandr Katsman USA $66,284
6 Joseph Richards USA $50,559
7 Girish Apte USA $38,932
8 Reginald Powell USA $30,269
9 Gary Pagel USA $23,762

Hellmuth criticized POY leaderboard

Two weeks later, five final tables and a 16th WSOP bracelet win Phil Hellmuth erupted on Twitter with indignation towards the leaderboard for the best player.

The main complaint of the poker player is that the rating is not aimed at assessing the highest achievements of the players, but taking into account all hits in the prizes:

Deeb has two final tables (1st and 5th places) and has almost the same points as Jake (5th, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd and 7th places) and me (6, 5, 4, 2 and 1 places). Another player finished 3rd in one final in the online WSOP and received 2,000 points! Who cares about 10th, 14th and 300th places ?! Who came up with these rules? It’s wrong to do that. POY should not be about getting into the prizes. I’m asking the WSOP to get it right in 2022.

After receiving support from Daniel Negreanu, Phil also complained that people don’t understand how difficult it is to make it to the finals, for example, in the $ 10K Championship. In particular, he is unhappy to see that after 24-26 hours of fighting with the best players in the world, he still needs to try to qualify for something in the POY WSOP ranking.

Although many poker players supported Hellmuth, Sean Deeb mentioned by him was not among them – in his opinion, the scoring system is ok:

POY has always been about grind. I have 7 more iTMs than you, and you know that people love to see big names at the tables, including in inexpensive tournaments. So the WSOP is doing everything it can to lure the stars into every tournament and attract people through them. There is nothing wrong.

At 18:00 Moscow time on November 7, in the aforementioned leaderboard in the TOP-3 are:

  • Jake Schwartz – 2,771 points
  • Josh Arieh – 2,696 points;
  • Ryan Leng – 2,684 points.

Helmut and Deeb are currently in 6th and 7th places.

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