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Promotions, leaderboards, series – all together in a traditional selection from Pokeroff. But first, let’s remember what October 2021 was like for the poker world.

How did the poker world remember October 2021?

  • PokerKing has rolled out updates twice… Added insurance for all-in in cash, backing in MTT, the ability to share hands and various other functions.
  • The international PokerStars client is not available to players from Russia since November 2… How to move to PokerStars Sochi without losing your settings and notes.
  • PokerStars Changed Sit & Go Lobby, Removed Unnecessary Tournaments… And we looked where it is generally possible to play these tournaments.
  • The Pokeroff exchanger has been launched… Now you can make exchanges between payments or exchange money for cash through the Pokeroff Exchange service.

What promotions have poker rooms have prepared for players in November

GGPOKEROK kept the regular race prize pools unchanged. Series will be held at partypoker, Pokerdom and PokerMatch. At 888poker, Sir Prize will continue to give away buns.

partypoker: T $ 5000 in Weekly Legends Club & Irish Poker Masters KO

From October 25th to November 28th, there is a promotion for MTT players on partypoker. The conditions are simple:

There are three limits for Daily Legends tournaments (Super Daily tournaments also participate in the promotion):

  1. Low from $ 5.01 to $ 20
  2. Medium from $ 20.01 to $ 55
  3. High from $ 55 and above

You win 7 tournaments – you get a wheel with prizes up to T $ 5,000, tickets to tournaments and freerolls. The wheel can be rotated 3 times a week (one per limit). Tickets for regular tournaments are valid for 7 days, for freerolls for 30 days. The promotion is available for players who have made at least one deposit.

Boosted Hours promotion extended until November 22

The promotion is valid for cash and fastforward tables in NLHE and PLO. Every even hour the player is awarded x2 rakeback points, and from 5 am to 6 am Moscow time – x3. That is, for $ 1 of rake, not one point of the loyalty program is awarded, but two or three.

Irish Poker Masters KO

Irish Poker Masters KO will take place at partypoker from November 5th to 24th. The main event in the KO format. Buy-in € 1,100, guarantee € 1M. Four days of entry: Day 1A – 1C start on November 7th, 14th and 21st at 22:05 UTC, Day 1 Turbo on November 22nd at 19:05.

The qualifiers for Day 1A have already started – they are again taking place in the phase ladder format:

  • € 0.01 satellite with a prize pool of 5 tickets in € 4.40 Mega Phase 1
  • € 4.40 Mega Phase 1, from where 20% goes to € 22 Mega Phase 2
  • € 22 Mega Phase 2, from where 20% goes to € 109 Mega Sat Phase Final
  • € 109 Mega Sat Phase Final with 50 tickets guaranteed for Day 1A € 1.1K Main Event
  • Mega Sat will be held twice before the start of Day 1A – October 31 at 23:05 and November 7 at 19:05.

Daily races for SPINS, SPINS Ultra, CIS players remained unchanged.

Distribution of prizes in the race for SNG players (prize pool T $ 5,000 on weekdays, T $ 10,000 on Saturday and Sunday)

Distribution of prizes in races among SPINS and SPINS Ultra players (prize pool of T $ 8,500 for each discipline, the distribution of prizes is the same)

GGPOKER: $ 10M in regular promotions

Like last month, GGPOKEROK will give away $ 10M.

Flip & Go $ 5K Daily Leaderboard

New! Flip & Go tournaments now deal two boards instead of one.

Rules: 1 buy-in = 1 point. The multiplier is taken into account: x2 for a straight and flush, x3 for a set and x4 for a straight flush.

For example, if you make 5 buy-ins to Flip Stage A and collect trips or a set, you will receive: 5 points for buy-ins + bonus (5×3) = 20 points. The maximum for each Flip Stage is 25 points.

The leaderboard is divided into 4 positions depending on the buy-in size. Every day from 09:00 to 11:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid in tournament dollars.

Flip & Go leaderboard prizes distribution

$ 25K Spin & Gold Daily Race Rules With Payouts

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions according to buy-ins (6-max and 3-max tournaments participate in the same classification). Points are awarded depending on the place occupied in the tournament and the size of the buy-in. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: all points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid in Spin & Gold tickets.

$ 25K Spin & Gold Daily leaderboard scoring table

$ 25K Spin & Gold Leaderboard Daily Prize Breakdown Table

$ 25K Daily AoF Leaderboard

For each all-in with showdown at a table with three or more active players (players must not sit in a sit-out), one point is awarded. Every day from 09:00 to 11:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: all points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars.

$ 25K Prize Breakdown Table AoF Leaderboard Daily

$30K Holdem и $30K Omaha Daily Leaderboard

Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 09:00 to 11:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 30K Holdem Leaderboard Daily Prize Breakdown Table

Omaha Leaderboard Daily $ 30K Prize Breakdown Table

$30K Rush&Cash Daily

The race is divided into two disciplines (Hold’em and Omaha) and seven limits. Points are awarded for actions (maximum 20 points per distribution):

  • 1 point – dog,
  • 3 points – call,
  • 5 points – bet / raise,
  • 5 points – insurance,
  • 10 points – cash drop.

Every day from 09:00 to 11:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are doubled for each action (maximum 20 points per distribution). Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 30K Rush & Cash Daily Promotional Prize Breakdown

Racing rules $ 5K Short Deck Leaderboard Daily

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions depending on the buy-in size. Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 09:00 to 11:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 5K Short Deck Leaderboard Daily Prize Table

$ 1K Battle Royale Daily race rules

Points are awarded based on the number of tournaments played. One tournament = one point. Every day from 09:00 to 11:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: at this time, not 1, but 1.5 points are awarded per tournament.

$ 1K Battle Royale Daily Prize Breakdown Table

Pokerdom: no deposit reload bonus ₽5,000 and the Russian Open Online Poker Championship

On the occasion of Halloween, Pokerdom is giving out generous gifts.

Enter promo code “WINORDIE“in the Cashier section – Promo code. It will activate the bonus ₽5,000.

The bonus is credited to the account in installments of $ 100 for every $ 500 of the generated rake.

The code will be active until November 7, 23:59 GMT.

The bonus will be cleared until November 30, 23:59 GMT.

From November 8 to 28, Pokerdom will host the Russian Open Online Poker Championship. The schedule includes more than 50 Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, Badugi, 6+ tournaments with and without knockouts. Added a $ 1M leaderboard to the series. Key event champions will receive trophies.

The winners of the Main Event of the Russian Championship, the High Roller in Hold’em, the Opening Hold’em Tournament and the leaderboard will receive a ticket to the Sochi Poker Festival Grand Final (Day 1A) worth 77,000 rubles!

PokerMatch: International Poker Cup Series where leaderboard winners receive packages for EPT Prague

From November 1 to November 21, the International Poker Cup will be held at PokerMatch with a total guarantee of UAH 18.5M (over $ 700K).

Every day there are 4 tournaments in Hold’em, Omaha and OFC named after cities and poker capitals. For example, the tournaments on November 19 will be named after Minsk, on November 20 – in honor of Rozvadov.

The main event of the Kyiv PKO series 1.5M UAH GTD ($ 57K) starts on November 21. Buy-in 2,500 UAH ($ 95).

The IPC leaderboard will be giving away 5 packages at the EPT Prague. The series champion will receive a € 5,300 buy-in Main Event ticket (starting December 13). Players in 2nd to 5th place will receive a € 1,100 EPT National ticket (starting December 10). Each member of the top 5 will receive € 1,500 for flights, accommodation and other expenses.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st place – 750 points
  • 2nd place – 500 points
  • 3rd place – 300 points
  • 4th place – 200 points
  • 5th place – 100 points
  • Knocking out a player – 10 points

To participate in the leaderboard, you need to register in the “Promotions” section.

Frirolly Special Promo

From November 1 to December 25, every day from 10K to 1M tournament hryvnia (TM) are drawn. To participate in freerolls, you need to make a deposit of any amount with the bonus code FREEROLL.

The prize pool for the Special Promo Freeroll differs between the days of the week and the period of the promotion. Except for the first day, when players will compete for 50K TM, the rest will be like this:

  • From November 2 to December 5: Monday – Thursday – 10K TM (T $ 380), Friday and Sunday – 25K TM (T $ 950), Saturday – 100K TM (T $ 3800).
  • From December 6 to 24: Monday – Thursday – 20K TM (T $ 760), Friday and Sunday – 50K TM ($ T 1900), Saturday – 100K TM (T $ 3800).

On December 25, the main tournament of the promotion – the PokerMatch One Million Freeroll – will start at 21:00 Moscow time and will have a prize pool of 1M TM (T $ 38K).

RedStar: Football Predictor Rake Betting

Until December 8th, RedStar Poker is running the Football Predictor promotion. To participate in it you need to complete weekly missions:

  • Low – get 20 bonus points (€ 2)
  • High – get 250 bonus points (€ 25)

And after completing the missions, make predictions for the matches of the European football championships. Football Predictor promotional missions and predictions run during the week from Thursday to Wednesday:

  • November 18, 03:00 to November 24, 23:01
  • From December 2, 03:00 to December 8, 23:01

Each player can make up to 16 predictions per week – the number of correct predictions and the type of mission depends on the face value of the ticket that the player will be awarded according to the promotion:

  • 6 to 10 correct predictions: Low – € 500 Predictor Freeroll, High – € 1,000 Predictor Freeroll
  • 11 or 12 correct predictions: Low – € 1,000 Predictor Freeroll, High – € 1
  • 13 or 14 correct predictions: Low – € 0.50, High – € 2
  • 15 or 16 correct predictions: Low – € 2, High – € 5

You need to activate participation in the promotion every week in the RedStar Poker lobby – Missions. General tickets received under the promotion are valid for 7 days, and tickets for freerolls are valid for 2 days.

The traditional lottery and the Twister race are also active.

PokerKing: New $ 22 The Double Deuce $ 100K Gtd Regular Tournament

Updates to the regular PokerKing tournament lobby. Flights at $ 22 The Double Deuce take place 3-4 times every day. Satellites with buy-ins ranging from $ 1.40 to $ 2.75 run throughout the day and can be found in the tournament lobby for a suitable flight. The combined day starts on the night from Sunday to Monday at 01:30 Moscow time.

888poker: $ 1M in freerolls and drops “Sir Prize”

Sir Surprise will be giving away prizes at 888poker until January 2, 2022.

Дропы The Grand Entrance

During the promotion period, once a day in MTT, cash, BLAST and / or SNAP, $ 1K is distributed among the players at a randomly selected table. There is no exact drop time – the whole process is completely randomized, prizes are awarded to all players at the table within 72 hours after the drop falls.

This bonus money must be wagered in order to be able to withdraw it. There are 30 days to wager, each $ 1 bonus requires 3 Bonus Points ($ 1 rake gives 2 Bonus Points). The amount is laundered completely – if you do not have time to get the required number of points in the allotted time, the entire bonus will expire.

Daily Sir Prize Giveaway Freeroll

Three times a day, as part of the promotion, special freerolls with a random prize fund start in the room. For example, on October 10 at 17:33 Moscow time the prize fund was $ 600, and on October 11 at 04:33 Moscow time – $ 400. You cannot directly enter the freeroll – a ticket to it is issued after completing one of the daily challenges:

  • Play tournaments, including BLAST, for a total buy-ins of $ 5 (excluding rebuys);
  • Win a hand at cash tables, including SNAP, with an 8 card in your hand (tables NL2 and higher are taken into account);
  • Place bets on sports or casino games for $ 5 or more.

The ticket for the freeroll will be credited to the player’s account within 72 hours after the end of the challenge. You can get 3 tickets per day.

Weekly Sir Prize Mystery Freeroll

A public freeroll for depositors that takes place once a week. The highlight of the tournament is the random determination of the prize pool in the range from $ 5K to $ 100K a few hours before the start of the freeroll. The first one starts on October 11 at 01:03 Moscow time, there are no conditions for registration in it, except for the presence of at least a one-time deposit to the account in the room, there are no.

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