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Best Asian Gambling Movies That Will Surprise You

Best Asian Gambling Movies That Will Surprise You

If you got stuck in the never-ending search for an ideal movie on Netflix, it is time to stop scrolling. You actually never really find something and you decide to watch your favorite show for most likely the 100th time.

Maybe it is time for you to check on some really good hidden gems when it comes to movies? Casino movies are for example a really great choice. Yet, we won’t stick to the basics this time, like Casino Royale which always comes first. How about try something different? Asian cinematography for example?

In order to get into the mood for some suspenseful casino movies, you can head online and find best online casino and try your luck. If you get lucky, it is time to watch some pros playing. If you don’t get lucky – time to learn some lessons.

Gambling movies are a great way to get your fix of suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat action. And let’s see some amazing movies from gambling genre straight from the Asian continent! From Vegas to Macau

Now, we travel from Vegas to a completely different part of the world. This hidden gem tells a story about the entire family of con artist. They are not seeing things that way though -they see themselves more like some strange superheroes. It all starts when they attend a birthday party of a friend and they head to Macau. They don’t know that surprises lie ahead – we have undercover agents trying to get solid evidence about money laundering scheme. And of course, there is a deadly card game on the horizon. Did we mention that this movie is the pure suspense? You will love it. Poker King

From Vegas to Macau to Poker Royalty themselves. This Asian gem is released back in 2009 and it follows a story about the family in gambling business. Of course, there is a black sheep in family – Jack. Jack is not into family business until he discovers all the wonders of online Texas hold-em poker. Yet, there is a downside of this – he becomes great in online poker […]

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